Which Poker Hands To Play And Why?

It is not possible to play every poker hand and win the game. Looking at the starting hands, a player may still make a loose call with an aim to outplay opponent post-flop and if the flop is good then he/she will be in an ideal situation to takedown the big pot.

The basic study of the hands you hold can be confirmed but how they turn out is crucial. One thing to remember is that you are playing opponents and not cards. So, when you determine the hand to play just evaluate your hand play against your opponent’s hand play.

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Folding is not an embarrassment

Folding is an extensive part of poker game. Patience is crucial to avoid playing unnecessary hands. A golden thumb rule is to fold between 80% to 90% hand dealt, while you are learning. If you persist then you will leave yourself exposed to vulnerable position, which your opponents can exploit.

What is equity?

Every hand possess a specific equity amount or you can say a chance to beat other players. Therefore you need to decide what hands to play, so as to increase that equity or highest percentage likelihood of winning. How to know, if your hand has best percentage chance of winning.

Keep your eyes open to understand the kind of hand other player plays, so as to decide the kind of hand that plays well according to that information. For example, if you always play a hand little better than the other player than you will gain some mathematical advantage, which defines profitability in the long run.

Timing makes a difference, so be patient. Pick a time, when the opponent appears frustrated or angry due to a bad beat. Visible emotions is perfect timing to swoop and grab the opportunity.

Most important guidelines to follow when starting out

  • Hands good enough to make a call means it is good to raise
  • At 9-handed table, first three players are considered Early position [EP], so you need solid hand to play pre-flop
  • At 9-handed table, in middle position [2nd or 3rd position on right side of button] you need to loosen up and consider players between you and the button. If they play tighter means you play more hands but against loose players on your left, there is a need to play tight.

You will also need to learn strategies about cutoff or on the button, table positions, small blind, playing any position or find hands with corresponding winning odds and more to improve your poker playing style.