Top Gamification Ideas for Online Poker

Poker is a fantastic game of cards. It has also gone huge transformation and variations after transcending online. It’s new versions like domino qq are getting as popular as its old versions like blackjack. These new gamification elements incorporated in the poker game have actually increased the appeal and craze of the game and had made them more engaging, rewarding and competitive for any poker player. Let’s look at the top gamification ideas.

Game Leaderboards

This has emerged as a terrific way to engage and excite poker players. It features rank and loyalty point details to any player who participates in various leaderboard games like Loyalty race, Max Hand Won Series, etc. Participating poker players win not only whopping prizes but also enjoy extra rewards and benefits according to their procured ranks and points. This can be calculated weekly, monthly, yearly and even seasonal. The weekly and monthly versions are the most popular ones.

Fantasy Poker

Gaining popularity with each passing day, the game facilitates participants to play the role of owners and create their dream team of professional poker players. Their team then participates in various tournaments and games and earns points for the owners. The team with maximum points is declared the winner. The top teams get some whopping prizes as well as additional benefits simply for putting up a good show. The entire game is a new fun way to enjoy the pleasures of the game.

Daily Challenges

These are special poker cash games and tournaments which are organized on a regular basis to allow players to win exciting rewards and prizes. These are arranged to encourage players to become motivated to play more. Participating in these challenges help any player to develop his poker skills and win some credible amount of money. This is also a terrific tool to attract and engage new poker players.