Tips to Win the Domino 99

Both Qiu Qiu or Kiu Kiu is a form of card game dominoes and highly popular in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. It can be also referred to as Dominos99. This free casino game application lets you enjoy fun card games that are easy to play. You can just log in from Facebook or as a guest and enjoy the game without the hassle of any kind of registration. Its landscape user interface makes the experience of playing more comfortable. The game is loaded with a number of features that makes the experience worth trying.

How to play the game

Domino Qiu Qiu is nothing but a card game that uses four domino cards. It can be played by two to six players. Every player is handed over four cards in each round which produces 2 couple of points. A total of these points is then considered to judge who the winner is. If this count exceeds 10 or 20, then only the last number is considered. The player having the highest combination of 9-9 amongst all the other players wins the game. If it is a draw, the total number of dots with every player is counted to determine the winner. In order to win the game, you should practice regularly and try to master it. The game is easy to play if you abide by the rules carefully and it will help you boost your confidence.

Tips to follow

Winning the game becomes easier if you sincerely follow the tips given below:

  • Improve your focus – This helps to increase your concentration level and ultimately reach the goal.
  • Have sufficient money in stock – In order to gain experience, you should have sufficient money in hand so that you can keep playing till you understand the rules of the game and gain confidence.
  • Estimate your ability – If you feel from within that you should stop playing, follow what your heart says.
  • Be patient – Gambling is all about lady luck favoring you. So, even if you keep losing you should not lose hope and be patient.
  • Learn from others – While playing, you should carefully note the strategies adopted by other experienced players.
  • Play in good spirit – Play only when you are in a good mood, or else it can affect the chances of your winning. 

The safety rules

The following safety rules ensure that you can play the card game Domino Qiu Qiu in its best form and reap the maximum benefit out of it:

  • Always set a time limit while playing
  • Setting a money limit is also important to avoid overspending
  • Never combine gambling with alcohol; play in your senses
  • Gambling should always be considered as a leisure activity and not a prime source of income
  • Never chase the loss incurred
  • Gamble with the amount of money which you can afford to lose and not repent later
  • Beware of the warning signs while playing the game
  • Avoid playing when you’re upset or depressed.