Three Unexpected Situations in a Casino Table Game and How to Deal with Them

If you play at casinos to play table games, chances are you use a betting strategy. But there are also other factors to take into account before betting and some situations that you cannot control could impact every deal’s result. You can only deal with such unexpected situation if you equip yourself with a smart strategy. These situations include the following and how to deal with them accordingly:

Everyone’s Winning But You

Perhaps you are in a Baccarat game at w88th and everybody’s seems winning except you. However, you have to try to catch a better wave at the tables. Although this may not guarantee you a winning result, this approach can be used to your benefit. In case you don’t want to jump out of one hand and jump back in, you can also piggyback on somebody else’s bet. You can talk to the person about your plan.  If they agree, you have to give chips that they should bet for you. Although it seems that what they bet is theirs, common courtesy says it’s yours.

You are Alone at the Table

Playing at an empty table is a dream situation for a lot of players. An empty table that has a smiling dealer indicates that your game’s speed is up to you. If you see yourself in this situation, spend some time strategizing between hands. Take your next hit seriously or perhaps stand at the table. You have the choice to use the strategy you think will work for this type of situation. Expect that the dealer will not rush you to make your choices.

There is a Novice Player Beside You

For most players, this situation is a nightmare. This is not a surprising scenario in the Blackjack table. You can be next to a player who hits on 15 against a 6. Or the person beside you plays against the book without considering the game. This could have a serious effect on how you play.

To deal with this type of situation, talk to the person and inform him, that he can play the game in various ways. In case he refuses to listen to you, come up with a wiser approach. To counteract his play, consider playing more than once. Or just wait for him until he loses his bankroll because of his poor decisions.

Hopefully, you are not the person making stupid decisions. But, in case you are, try to learn how to play first before you jump into the tables.