Casino Bonuses and Wagering Requirements Explained

Online casinos have turned out to be a big market and the majority of people are indulged into it. The popularity is rising every day and many new players are signing up in the hope of trying their luck and winning a certain amount. Online casinos even know how to please their players and they keep on offering some or other bonuses. Even beginners get to claim a few bonuses like getting a few free spins and no deposit bonuses. These are just to name a few and there are many others in the line. If your luck strikes really hard then you may even end up winning in million. But, this is not that easy as it may seem and if you have been playing for a while no then you must have come across wagering requirements.

Well, you cannot simply just withdraw the bonuses you claim and there are an entire set of criteria, requirement, rules, and other things that make it not that easy to get the bonuses and withdraw it into your bank account. In case if you are not aware of this term “wagering requirement,” then we are helping you out. Below, we are presenting a guide on casino bonuses and wagering requirements that you must know before entering the world of casino and falling for such bonuses.

The Term “Wagering Requirement” Explained

The wagering requirement is a term that refers to the terms and conditions that are applied on bonuses and giveaways given by online casinos. The term also stands for betting and before one claim the won bonus, the players need to meet the certain criteria set by the casino.

Before the player finally gets to claim the bonus, the particular casino makes you bet for certain numbers. This is to cash out the money that the casino gave as a free bonus. The larger the bonus amount is, the more the wagering requirement will be. To make it simple, if the casino is offering $100 as free money, and the wagering requirement associated will be 20X. No matter if you are winning or losing while making a bet, the only thing that matter is that you won’t be able to withdraw the free money unless you place at least 10 best.

How to Complete Wagering Requirement?

Now the second thing you need to know how can you complete or meet the wagering requirement. As wagering requirements tend to change depending on the cash money, it gets harder to abide by them many times. To help you out in a little possible way, we are listing the common criteria that you can fulfill in order to withdraw the amount, according to Grand Mondial Casino:

  • You must wager in the given time to make sure you are not losing.
  • Different casinos come with different percentage with different games. This means that you will have to wager the amount only on the specific games.
  • Slot games often count 100% of the bet value of wagering requirement.

These are just a few wagering requirements that you can fulfill from your side to make sure that you are doing the best from your side.